Graphic design trends that will take the world by storm in 2017

As we have already moved into 2017, this year we have witnessed that lots of companies, who have adapted new trends to communicate with their target groups, have come up with interactive and amazing graphic designs. As lots of new and existing brands in America are coming up with robust and fascinating ideas, it is going to be an interesting year to see a lot more competition among brand in terms of adapting new designs and techniques.

A shift towards bolder and brighter colors:

In 2017, neutral colors like white, black and grey are getting vanished as puffs of smoke, and more louder and gaudy colors are taking place, because of the fact that bold and gaudy colors are highly captivating in getting the attention and at the same time are helpful for influencing the customer’s emotions and perceptions. But still, this trend will take time to peak, as a designer, it is important to go with a flow and keep an eye on the transition of trends which are going.

The greatest example that we have right now regarding bolder brighter graphic design is Snap


Use of Bold Typography:

Bold typography helps in catching the attention instantly and resist against the saturation of the content. In order to get the maximum eye balls, big and bold fonts are the best.

banner 1

Usage of “GIFS”:

Now, almost everybody loves GIFs, which are being posted by different brands on social media. GIFs are catchier than static images; many brands are also using important clips of their advertisements as GIFS for posting it on social media and make the most of by interacting with the audience. It is not a new form of graphic design but in 2017 it’s quite trendy and audiences are getting fanatical about GIFS.




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