Importance of PHP Web Design Uncovered


Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) previously known as ‘Personal Home Page’ is a generic purpose HTML embedded scripting language, which means that it can be used for a wide range of purposes such as the creation of a website. This coding script was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 and has been widely used for back-end coding purposes since 1995.

This coding language is particularly suited for server-side web development, which means that the PHP code runs on a web server and upon request by a client the file is executed. In general terms, it means that the PHP web design is run from a server based on the users request that allows the creation of a dynamic webpage or facilitates the usage of dynamic images that could be displayed anywhere on the webpage.

There are many advantages of undertaking PHP web design such as this scripting language’s interactive working with other coding languages such as SQL. This allows for the creation of a webpage that could interact with multiple databases, leading to the creation of a lower cost option as the compatible Apache server is free to license for all.

There are other considerations that must be made before the conception of the final web design. The element that must be prioritized is the integration of search engine optimization (SEO) throughout the design and ensuring that all the modern coding practices are used. Contemporary coding usage allows for code simplification leading to a lower site load time and obtaining a higher search engine index rating. PHP web design must not have elongated and additional code lines that serve no purpose to the instrumental value of the webpage so that the quality standards are maintained.

The most pronounced advantage of using PHP web design is that the ability to create responsive web design, which is due to the codes’ innate ability to be loaded on both UNIX and Windows. This allows for the development of cross-platform webpages that load homogenously across multiple devices using various operating systems.


Why Choose a Professional Web Designer over DIY Site Builders?

professional web design

The first consideration that you must make before you decide to use a professional web designer or start your own do it yourself (DIY) project is the budget that is available for the creation of your website. The choice of a professional should always be made if it is within an affordable range of your budget because a professional knows exactly which steps are needed to be taken to create a personalized tailored web page for you.

There are a wide variety of DIY site builders that enable any business or an individual to create a web page to meet any of their purposes. Amongst these services there are some that allow the creation of a quick-fix solution that lets you gets online in no time. What these services actually do is that they use generic templates and they are then modified to create a web page for you that is neither unique nor personalized to your business.

A professional web designer understands the market trends and is adept in various coding languages required for the creation of an effective website. The use of up to date code allows the search engines to index your web page and make it appear at the top of the search results. This search engine optimization (SEO) enables the users to find your website and without this even if you create the greatest website and no one can view it, what’s the point?

Professional web designers also understand you need for creation of a strong brand identity and that is done by creation of a responsive web design. This means that no matter which device is used by your customers the website would load in the same way without distortion.

Website building options with costs that are too good to be true are often the ones where you spend the same amount of your budget multiple times to get the desired results not unlike a man stuck in quicksand.

What are the Different Website Services Available Online?

With the explosion of the internet, there are numerous website services available online. The most common of these services are the online website builders that enable a business or an individual to create their website and benefit from it. These web builders enable the user to select the generic theme illustrating the layout of the website and the user is presented with the option of choosing their required fonts and text sizes for typography. The users can also upload their own media files such as the imagery and their logos to the website to personalize it.

There are other associated website services such as analytics and load time testers that enable the site owners to keep track. Analytics are used to generate feedback regarding the number of visitors on the page, their frequency and time spent which provides the basic information needed to generate a heightened customer engagement. Some other services such as load time testers allow the website owners to get valuable feedback regarding the time it takes for a particular web page to load in various geographical locations so the code can be simplified or the media file’s size reduced.

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There are various promotional website services that allow the site owner’s to extend the reach of their website through external marketing campaigns. These services create links for your web page on different associated websites to improve your visitor frequency and attract further attention from your target market.

Cloud services are also available which can be linked to the website services. Cloud storage and backups for a web page content along with content management services (CMS) can be used to remotely manage the content of your web page. This allows for greater autonomy over the website with reduced dependence on developers and designers.

There are many other website services online that could manage and maintain your web page for you. Research and considerations regarding the customer reviews should be done before selecting any of the services to ensure that they serve your purpose effectively.


Differences between a web designer and a web developer

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The web designing facilities have grown significantly all over the planet to serve the needs of businesses, allowing them to reach out to their customers in a proactive manner. With the growing need for web development, the tasks have been broken down to increase the effectiveness of the process and to create specialized fields and outcomes.  Two of the most important teams/individuals involved in the creation of a website are the web designer and the web developer (Coder).

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Web designers are the creative minds behind the visual appeal of your web page. These creative artists design the way your website looks, including the key design aspects such as the layout of the buttons and tabs that enhance user experience. These web designers work closely with the developers so that the back end working, that is, the coding flows flawlessly to enable a seamless browsing experience.

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Web developers are the other side of the coin when it comes to the creation of a web page. These individuals or teams are highly adept in coding languages which enable them to create a perfectly functioning website that complies with all the contemporary models and technologies. The professional coders are aware of the latest website trends which give them unique insights into the dynamics that impact conversions of potential customers into sales. Choosing a reputable web designer enables the businesses to exploit their expertise and obtain the most efficient and relevant web content.

This image illustrates a few differences between the developers and the web designers. A combination of the two is essential to the creation of an innovative and creative web page. It is like the two parts working together with cohesion and on the same marketing guidelines to facilitate the creation of an online presence.

Another factor that the businesses should understand before engaging or working with web designers is to realize that clear and concise communication with them is the key to obtaining the most suitable results.

You feel you need a web page designer, but actually, you do not

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Why do you think you need a web page designer? You need professionally built website so you can attract more customers. May be you feel that investing a lot of money on a professional designer will increase your chances of portraying your website as a professional business. Well, a lot of people might think that way, but it is not always true. Things are changed now; technology advancements have made life easier for people with small or medium businesses, looking for an economical solution.
Ask yourself, would you like to spend thousands of dollars for developing a simple website that sells products? May be not. Especially not, if you are a new business. It would be unwise to aggressively invest in website design or layouts by hiring a professional web page designer. What if I told you that you can do a lot of it on your own? Yes, you can!

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There is a tough competition out there to generate business and virtual business is the new market, extensively explored by enthusiastic entrepreneurs. There is scope for a variety of business models and one such model is hosting and designing services. Of course, if you need to launch a website you need hosting services as well. Such hosting services offer added advantages to increase their business and one of them is website designing.

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Different hosting services use different designing tools but all are pretty convenient and easy to use. You can configure and design your entire website without hiring a full time web page designer. The best part is that it is free! What more could you have asked for? These websites offer convenient tools that let you choose templates from their library, add consoles or boxes, change colors, add buttons, link pages, and so much more.

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You can practically configure the whole website on your own and make it usable. Not recommended for heavy and big businesses but surely a reliable option for startups and even for small to medium organizations.

Is CSS web design the ultimate future of Web designing?



While you are planning to design the website for your company, make sure that you are directing the web designer to go for CSS web design. There are numerous reasons to go for it, so let’s have a look at those important reasons:

The most updated and appealing designs that provide efficiency:

By Using CSS, there is an option to create rules and applying those rules to create multiple elements within the website. This gives the advantage to the designer after the completion of the website, to make abrupt changes in case if the changes are required from the client’s side. The reason is that it separates the content from the design, so when the designer makes the changes in the style sheet that he has created, it becomes applicable instantly.


CSS Web Design can lead to faster downloading speeds:

With the use of enduring style sheet language of CSS, it is possible to get lighter page load, because once the user enters the site, it is downloaded only once by the web browser. This factor lowers the requirements, which helps in saving money and also play a vital role in contributing lighter server load.


It is quite easy to work with:

Although there are so many other factors favoring the selection of CSS, but for now, let’s focus on the one that is simple enough for everyone to understand and that makes using CSS easier than other alternatives.

Its helps in keeping each and every visual aspect of the website entirely separated from the content that’s the major reason that the website is quickly designed with using the tools of CSS.

CSS web design is the future of web designing, so that almost all web designers can show their creativity by designing appealing web designs, so it’s a must learn application for every web designer.

E-commerce web design services

ecommcer Website design Services

If you are running an e-commerce business, then having an efficient website is one of the essential requirements that will help your business to grow and interact with the visitor. You need to find appropriate and effective e-commerce web design services, which can increase the number of your potential clients. The following are the services that you must consider while designing the website.

Graphics designing:

Graphics designer plays an important role in the website, having a good graphical representation, template of the website will grab more visitors and also the content being integrated in the website needs great graphic designing skills. According to a research, having colorful designs will keep the visitors interest high on the website and creates more chances for the creating a positive impact of the brand on customer.

graphic design

Seeking the right technical aspects:

Besides graphics designing, you need a web developer, SEO Expert, and a content writer. A web developer for developing the website, who knows the nitty-gritty aspects of providing e-commerce web design services. Once the website is developed, you will be having a need for a good content write and SEO expert, which provide the content and other numerous solutions for showcasing your website in the top ranking of Google. The content must be revised by the SEO Expert, who has an understanding of how to target the appropriate keywords, which have the highest search density, as well as which type of videos, blogs and articles can be helpful for the website, in getting top ranking on Google and other web crawlers.

Customized web design services:

Custom web designing is another important aspect in the e-commerce web design services, which is to design an e-commerce website by keeping in mind the intended audience, brand personality and psychographic aspects of the target group. The functionality, design, layout and content are specifically designed, based on the preferences of the target group. Custom web designs provide various solutions and benefits which help your website to increase its page ranking. Developing an e-commerce custom website will build an optimal structure, which gives a unique user experience and more chances for the customers to make purchases and keep the brand close to customer’s mind whenever he thinks to buy any specific product, which is available in the portal. Believe it or not, but choosing the right e-commerce web design services will create the best impact on the business.

custom website design