Differences between a web designer and a web developer

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The web designing facilities have grown significantly all over the planet to serve the needs of businesses, allowing them to reach out to their customers in a proactive manner. With the growing need for web development, the tasks have been broken down to increase the effectiveness of the process and to create specialized fields and outcomes.  Two of the most important teams/individuals involved in the creation of a website are the web designer and the web developer (Coder).

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Web designers are the creative minds behind the visual appeal of your web page. These creative artists design the way your website looks, including the key design aspects such as the layout of the buttons and tabs that enhance user experience. These web designers work closely with the developers so that the back end working, that is, the coding flows flawlessly to enable a seamless browsing experience.

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Web developers are the other side of the coin when it comes to the creation of a web page. These individuals or teams are highly adept in coding languages which enable them to create a perfectly functioning website that complies with all the contemporary models and technologies. The professional coders are aware of the latest website trends which give them unique insights into the dynamics that impact conversions of potential customers into sales. Choosing a reputable web designer enables the businesses to exploit their expertise and obtain the most efficient and relevant web content.

This image illustrates a few differences between the developers and the web designers. A combination of the two is essential to the creation of an innovative and creative web page. It is like the two parts working together with cohesion and on the same marketing guidelines to facilitate the creation of an online presence.

Another factor that the businesses should understand before engaging or working with web designers is to realize that clear and concise communication with them is the key to obtaining the most suitable results.


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