Importance of PHP Web Design Uncovered


Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) previously known as ‘Personal Home Page’ is a generic purpose HTML embedded scripting language, which means that it can be used for a wide range of purposes such as the creation of a website. This coding script was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 and has been widely used for back-end coding purposes since 1995.

This coding language is particularly suited for server-side web development, which means that the PHP code runs on a web server and upon request by a client the file is executed. In general terms, it means that the PHP web design is run from a server based on the users request that allows the creation of a dynamic webpage or facilitates the usage of dynamic images that could be displayed anywhere on the webpage.

There are many advantages of undertaking PHP web design such as this scripting language’s interactive working with other coding languages such as SQL. This allows for the creation of a webpage that could interact with multiple databases, leading to the creation of a lower cost option as the compatible Apache server is free to license for all.

There are other considerations that must be made before the conception of the final web design. The element that must be prioritized is the integration of search engine optimization (SEO) throughout the design and ensuring that all the modern coding practices are used. Contemporary coding usage allows for code simplification leading to a lower site load time and obtaining a higher search engine index rating. PHP web design must not have elongated and additional code lines that serve no purpose to the instrumental value of the webpage so that the quality standards are maintained.

The most pronounced advantage of using PHP web design is that the ability to create responsive web design, which is due to the codes’ innate ability to be loaded on both UNIX and Windows. This allows for the development of cross-platform webpages that load homogenously across multiple devices using various operating systems.


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