Are You A Smart Smartphone User?

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We know that you all have fancy smartphones with big HD screens and high processing power. Your phone may even house the best camera available in the market or come loaded with features such as fingerprint recognition and retina scanners. But, your phone is only as efficient as the applications supporting it. We all strive to be at our best and operate at our peak efficiency, so, why don’t we choose the best mobile apps to facilitate us every time?

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Usually, whenever we need a feature in our phones such as a weather application, most of us just choose the first option available to us. Some of us take another step further and bother with the customer reviews and the overall application ratings to get a better idea of the utility of the app to us. Best mobile apps can only be chosen through general online research, for example, you can go to Google and type ‘best weather app’ to get detailed information about the flaws and pros for every app.

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There are other privacy and security concerns with users downloading applications made by untrusted sources. What this means for you is that your passwords, credit card information and cameras can be accessed by malicious users. The protection of your online identity and data stored on your smartphone is as important as your social security number. Using the best mobile apps ensures that your data would stay private and the protection offered for your card transactions would be adequate.

This is a growing security concern with increasing number of scandals surfacing where the cameras get hacked to record compromising videos. Protect yourself and don’t give permission to access your camera and media files to all your applications.

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Now that you know all you need to know about the risks of not using the best mobile apps it is time to unlock your smartphone and get rid of all the useless junk you have stored there.
Be efficient, be smart, and be safe.
Always think before you let any foreign app occupy your digital space.


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