What are Website Templates?

Although it is necessary for businesses to have a web presence in this day and age, there are some businesses who may not need to hire professional services to do the job and can opt for a simple web presence. Website templates allow these individuals and small businesses to create such a presence in an easy way. Business cards, portfolios, and your designs can be showcased with the help of these templates.

A template is basically a pre-existing web page with certain graphical elements, which can be customized with images, videos, and other graphical elements. Basically, these templates are designed to cut the work short and continue with the customization phase real quick. These website templates are created by web developers using HTML, CSS and other coding languages for people who are naïve to simplify the web development process.

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These templates significantly reduce the time from idea to launch and many big corporations also use them from time to time in different projects. Building a website has become very easy with CMS based platforms like WordPress and Drupal. You don’t have to deal with the technical aspects of a website instead most of the functions are automated. You just need to select a custom template, which is generally referred to as ‘themes’ and with a click can customize them according to your liking.

To add to that, there are many plugins and apps available that help you to add additional layers of functionality to your website and also help in SEO. Search engine optimization helps your website to appear among the top websites when searched on Google thus boosting the traffic.

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You can start by registering the domain name and hiring the hosting services for your website. The CMS is then installed on your web host server and get on to downloading the website templates for it. Most of the templates are available free online, however, you may need to buy the other depending on your preference. These templates can be then worked upon to add the personalized logos and images.

Using a web template can significantly abridge the process of creating a website. While you won’t have the full customizability that comes with developing a site from a scrape, it’s an effectual way to get your site up-and-running swiftly.


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